13 November 2012

Tunes & I

A new project: Uploading my CDs into iTunes.
After my computer crashed the last time, I didn't re-upload everything. Do you know how long it takes to upload 4000 songs? Days. Then, I got into buying music on iTunes. I love the nostalgia of sliding a CD into a player... It's nowhere close to the touch of a needle on a record, but still. Often I listen to the iTunes DJ & I've been missing out on listening to my greater collection. So, slowly, it will finally be back together again. I'm excited to find out how many songs I have now & to hear the oldies mixed in with the new.

I'm on D.
{Yes, I alphabetize my CDs. Just in general. I'm not like those crazy people who alphabetize to the second & third letters. It's just a hodge podge of the letter D. I swear!}

@ H = 3980 songs
@ Z = 5005 songs
* w/ compilation CDs = 5485 songs
* 26 CDs were rejected (260 songs, at least)
& the 26 Playlist albums add up to 420 songs.
Grand Total (guess) = 6,165 songs

(Who cares?! In rural Alaska, we find anything we can to stay entertained. 
That's my only explanation. It's this, prostitution, or drugs, people.)

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