20 November 2012

On call !

Every first and third Tuesday the Fire Department has meetings in order to keep EMT skills fresh & everyone updated on Standard Procedures.  Tonight I attended my second meeting since starting the class in September. Burns was our topic.

Once I'm an EMT, part of volunteering includes attending at least one meeting, as well as two 12-hour shifts, a month. (They're optional right now.) Being on call is part of the gig too, but I'm not sure what the protocol is besides being available when they need more people.

Much to my surprise, Captain Howell informed me that I will be issued a pager, which means that when a tone is sent out for more EMTs needed, I can go to the scene.

As I was leaving, Fred informed me that no student has received a pager since he's been there.  He's been teaching since 1989.  So, I blushed & said, "Thank you." Then went out the door & clicked my heels!

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T. Smith said...

It seems medical greatness runs in the family! (: The interest, at least. It's a good thing you run now, emergencies don't need walkers!