05 April 2010

}{appy Birthday, Puppy.

Today is Baker's birthday. I just chose it arbitrarily based on the former owner saying that the people he got him from thought Bakes was born in April. I guess it was kind of contrived. I thought if I chose 4/5... 4 + 5 = 9. He was born in 2009... So, this date will be easy for me to remember. Tricks for the memory. Anyway, that's more detail than you need.

I can remember when Baker was meek, timid, and bony. He has since turned into an assertively friendly, snugly, and muscular champ (consistently running 15-20 mph w/ my snow-go). I'm so thankful to have him! Some people (other dog owners) might beg to differ, but I have the best puppy in the world!

{He's munching on his b-day bone in that photo. Isn't he so stately?}


Deanna said...

What a cute picture of Baker!

Carey said...

Thanks! It's all Photo Booth & wiggly fingers.