14 April 2010


You are looking at the new "Elementary Language Arts Specialist" for LKSD. {Insert mental photo image.}

After much trepidation and persuasion from others I decided to apply for this position in the district office. So, next year I won't be teaching children directly, which is going to take some getting used to. I'll be the "go to gal" for K-5 Reading and Writing for all of the schools in the district. There are a lot of responsibilities, including teacher in-services and training, implementing a new testing system that might replace our current one, introducing & coordinating training with our new curriculum, data entry onto Rubicon, random tasks... I'm going to have to be a humble bee and soak up the wealth of talent that is the coherent DAPs curriculum department, while keeping my own "stinger" sharp.

The job offer came less than 24 hours after my interview. I literally jumped in the air like you see in the movies after accepting it, and hanging up the phone, at the prospect of the shift in my life. I'm nervous, but very excited too.

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Little Sister Tess said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy for youuuu!!!!!! :D See! I knew you'd get it!!!