12 April 2010

Tundra Turbulence

You can see my stairs, a storage shed, the steam house & the trash house. I can't see past the pole from the school dock less than 200' away, just past the trash house.

This is the same view as that photo taken yesterday. Basically, it's useless but kind of fun to see the snow so stuck on there.

Our forecast?
The wind is coming from the SSE, which means that it's wet.

For now, we have a delayed start at school. I really think the last time I saw a storm like this John W. was our principal, which means it's been five years.

[P.S. That photo taken of me yesterday is a typical posture when I'm looking at the computer. I realized it when I was looking through photos on Photo Booth and the camera was still on. In fact, I'm sitting like that now. ^_^]

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