24 December 2005

Asian Holidays

This Christmas I'm spending away from 'home' in NC. I am definitely missing my family & friends already on this Christmas Eve. But, I also have butterflies in my stomach about the trip to Asia I'm about to embark. Woo hoo!

Right now, I'm in Sacramento, Cali. Tomorrow, on Christmas day, we (my housemate Christina & her parents) are going drive to San Francisco & stay the night. Monday fly out to Bangkok, Thailand to stay for 5 days. New Year's Eve I will be in Vietnam (Ho Chi Mein city) for another 5 days. The final stop for my Asian Holiday will be Hong Kong for 3 days before going back to Cali. until the 12th of January.

We will arrive back in California 1 hour Before we left Hong Kong ... so wierd. I hear that the jet lag hits on the way back rather than on the way there.

~ What makes us who we are is how we experience the opportunities we are given. ~

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