12 December 2005

Thanksgiving Throw Down

Anchorage seems like the place to be during Thanksgiving for AK bush teachers. There we lavish ourselves with indulgences (the usual sex, drugs, & rock-n-roll) for 4 days. Actually, the indulgences consisted of massages at the spa, eating out, friends from other villages, alcohol, movie theaters, health food stores, & shopping. Being able to get to know people that I barely knew from other villages, meeting S-Mac’s new fiancĂ© (as of that weekend we found out later), & meeting more of Sara’s family were highlights of the trip.

One thing I did not get a chance to do was look at a snow machine. We will just order one over the phone or online & have it delivered after our Christmas break. I can’t wait!

We hung out at the Dimond Center Hotel a lot playing Risk & card games, watching a bit of TV (mostly when Eric had sports on), listening to music & telling stories. There is also this awesome, huge chessboard, but I didn’t get a chance to play. To boot, I saw a bull moose for the first time! It was by the road at 33rd & Denali; they aren’t really shy about coming near traffic. This moose’s head was seriously at the top of the SUV in front of us; the horns were above. I did manage to take a picture, but my computer is on the outs right now. This was a definite treat!

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