28 December 2005

First Day Out - Bangkok

I am just going to bullet things. It is faster & easier for me to post like this. I am thinking that there will be Internet cafe's in Siagon like there are here, but maybe not. If I can't post more while over here, I'll post once I get back to Cali.

On Thailand ground...
∑ Breakfast:
pastries, fried rice, yogurt, noodle soup & omlets to order, fresh guava juice, tea, coffee, salad... According to Christina’s mom, Asian countries don’t distinguish between different types of meals, as we Americans do.

∑ Grand Palace:
The buildings have intricate such designs! We prayed in the Emerald Buddah Temple (rules: ‘quiet, no camera, not feet pointing towards Buddah’). Before going up to the temple everyone must take off their shoes. Inside there was a lot of gold, small mirrors & faux gems mosaic style. The golden pyramid leads up maybe 20’ to the ‘Emerald Buddah.’ There were also donation boxes inside & on the porch. Outside of the praying area there is a basin of Holy water & lotus flower buds, which reminded me of the Catholic tradition. Of course, I asked for blessings & protection with the Holy water.

∑ Driving to Pattaya:
90 minutes from Bangkok --- In Bangkok, lining part of the highway were several Small (maybe 10’ x 10’, maybe) shanty houses on stilts, metal siding as walls, & clothes lines with neatly hung clothes.

∑ SRIRACHA Tiger Zoo:
Pigs and Tigers together for docile behavior – The pigs milk is supposed to be quite nutritious for the tigers. Scorpion Lady. Croc show. Tiger Show. I held a baby tiger! Ate a soft coconut and Croc. meat on a stick.

∑ Unordinary foods (well, for me anyway):
Mangosteen (fruit-hard purple outer shell with a white fuzzy citrus like center), Sharkfin soup, bird nest soup, P...n (some huge grapefruit-like fruit called), crocodile (oh my)

∑ Cabaret:
“Whoa, hot man-chicks with boobs (PIC4). Guy (as a guy) with wicked eye contact. Made me feel kind of funny. In a good way,” Christina wrote with zest!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

∑ Thai Massage!:
Once you try it, it will be Hard to go back to regular ol’ Swedish! Picture it, a room with about 30 rubbery beds, a woman at each post, curtains wide open, naked bodies (kidding! We changed into pajama like clothes.). The women used their full bodies to massage & close contact wasn’t a question. Mostly pressure point & lymph drainage techniques. Two hours is the standard time I guess. One hour would cost $6.25, or 250 baht. We were told to tip 60 baht, but tipped 300 much deserved (aka $7.25). Now I'm going to have to see what a Vietnamiese massage is like :-)

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