08 December 2005

Hollywood Red

Check out www.hollywood-red.com.

Woody is a friend of mine from Asheville, NC. His music is so powerful & you can definitly feel the energy & soul behind it!

He has one album with 'Hollywood Red' on the market right now. If there isn't a link on the website to buy one, I can score it for you. It is definitely worth the $15 investment! I hope he has another album coming out soon with more acoustic songs (hint, hint). Did I mention that he has written all of the songs, sings, & plays the lead & rhythm guitars?

Here's a quote I like from his website:
"Woody Wood is the real deal: one of the best flat-picking acoustic guitar players of his generation... He seems the most likely to single-handedly tear down a hundred years of accumulated rock pomposity." - Sub Pop Free Press, Seattle, 1999

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