29 December 2005

Beach Bums, Plantain Eating Elephants, & Going in Circles

∑ Coral Island:
We took a speed boat out to Coral Island where there were umbrella chairs & a long row of shops. I bought a few presents & a purse for myself. Christina & I took Jet-skis out for 10 minutes. We each had our own jet-skis & a co-captain. My ride & I caught air a number of times & my life vest would fly open each time. I know I made the co-c nervous a few times; him grabbing onto my life jacket was the hint. I haven’t driven a jet-ski in maybe 7-8 years. I am So glad I got a taste of it again! Too bad I don't live near open water all of the time.

After eating we headed back to the hotel for about an hour. Though, before driving back, this Hard Rock sign, um, unique. (‘No drugs or nuclear weapons allowed inside’) I wonder what inspired this sign to be made.

∑ Elephants:
First, we were taken through this lovely Orchid & flower garden. Among the flowers were a couple purple & red ones that are velvety to the touch. Then, we watched a Thai cultural show including some dancing, war displays, swords. They also included this funny boxing skit. Naturally elephants were a part of the cast. The 2 big elephants were just for show, but the babies loved to dance. It’s so funny how much personality they have.

After this show there was an elephant show outside. I have to tell you, I was wary of how these elephants have been treated in order to learn these tricks. Most of the trainers seemed like they bonded with the elephants & the elephants seemed happy playing games & dancing. Too boot, after almost each act they were taken out to the crowd to be fed plantains (like mini bananas) sold for 40 Baht each bundle, which is like $1.00 US. The Elephant Acts included: sitting, painting, football (US soccer), basketball, tricycling, lifting people up, pretending to step on people, dancing, throwing darts at balloons, & bowled.

∑ Revolving dinner on floor #52:
So, I saw that we were eating at the ‘Panarama Revolving Restaurant’ on the way to the elevator. Once, we were up there I thought “we aren’t revolving!” I know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes I can be slow. It took me a while to notice that the drinks kept moving further & further away from our table. Then, Christina informed me that We were the ones revolving around the center part of the restaurant.

∑ Out at 8:45: I can’t believe we stayed up so late! All decent people are in bed by 8, 8:30 at the latest. To make up for it, I woke up at 5:30 to shower, pack, & write up this lovely message.

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