28 December 2005

Thailand Tidbits

Here are a few things I have learned about Thailand.

* Thai thank you = “karw pboon kaI” for a woman to say it (“karw pboon cup” -- for a man to say)
* King Rama IX has reigned 59 years so far; 78 years old. B-day on Dec 5th. His wife is 73.
(There are tons of huge photos like this one as well as statues & shrines posted all around the city)

* Bangkok has 10-12 million people out of Thailand’s 65 million

* 5 dynasties, all of which have been independent.
* Baht is the name of money used here. 100 baht = $2.50
* Thai do not believe in asking for tips in the morning.

* Flag: Red-nation, Blue-royalty, White-religion
* 5 meaningful colors: Red: Lucky, Gold: Stability, Blue: Sincere love & 4 the king, Green: Health, Yellow: Peace
* Five different flowers have five different meanings (orchids-don’t go away?, lotus-wisdom?, a yellow carnation looking flower, jasmine?, rose-smarts?…)

* Silk as well as Sapphire & Ruby gemstones are a specialty here.
* Many houses have Spirit Houses outside, which are decorated & adorned with flowers, incense, & idles. Thai believe in Spirits, so having these Spirit houses will help protect their families.

These houses are for sale. I didn't take a picture of any Spirit houses that were adorned.

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